Food Service Industry

There is a very big difference between a well-run restaurant and one that is only average. An average restaurant can have great food and a great location, but if the employees and the leadership team are not doing a good job the restaurant will never become a successful restaurant that wows its guests.

A well-run restaurant has a clear vision and values, a focused leadership team, and engaged and loyal employees. The ultimate result is more loyal guests, increased guest counts, and greater sales and profits.

We work with your management team and general managers to help them achieve their goals of sales, profit, and great guest experience.

  • Assessment of Individual Strengths of Team Members

  • Aligning team leaders and front and back of house staff with organizational goals.

  • Helping create a culture of Accountability

  • Wowing your Guests – Taking Guest Engagement to the next level

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I engaged Grant’s services to help me get the best results with my restaurant and my employees.  It is important that we all be on the same page.  Grant helped me clarify my purpose, my goals and my vision and properly communicate that to my entire staff.  The results included a group of employees throughout the restaurant (front of the house and back of house) who worked as a team to deliver great food, and a great guest experience to our customers.  Since then I have used what I learned in working with Grant to hire and expand my staff and to open a second restaurant.

March 27, 2013 Tana McGuire